EAQ is an approved provider for out of school tuition within several local authorities and offers alternative education, including main curriculum subjects, for children and young people who are finding it challenging to access education in more traditional environments. We are committed to person-centred learning and use a thematic approach where the sessions are based on themes that interest the learner with the curriculum areas developed within this theme.

One parent sent this email about her son who had been attending an EAQ centre for over a year as part of an out of school tuition programme funded by the local county council.

“L spent over a year at the equine centre having struggled to access education in a mainstream setting. L quickly settled at the equine centre and the change in him over the time he spent there was remarkable.  He developed in confidence and in his ability to communicate his feelings and opinion thus resulting in less frustration and outbursts.

After several years of difficulties getting him to attend school, he showed an eagerness to attend the equine centre, something we had not observed in L before in an educational setting.  He also engaged in learning tasks there and also learnt many new skills in caring for animals.
He developed trusting relationships with the horses and ponies and his main teachers. He also developed a fond regard for all others who worked and attended the centre.

In my opinion, the warmth, humour, empathy and the communication style shown by his teachers at the centre contributed to the success of the placement and the changes observed in L.

The way of working with him at the equine centre and the teacher's commitment towards him produced changes that enabled him to finally integrate successfully into his current school.  Thank you for all your support, the equine centre is an amazing place.”