EAQ Eight Ash Green
Eight Ash Green, Essex CO6 3QL
Maggie Gallop
07477 588796
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About EAQ Eight Ash Green
EAQ Eight Ash Green, near Colchester, Essex, is run by Maggie Gallop, an ex Head teacher and now volunteer governor at her local special school. Maggie is supported by Cher Langdon and both have completed their training and are EAQ Certified Facilitators.

Maggie has a small herd of four horses which take part in riding and driving as well as equine assisted learning. The horses live out together and Maggie is developing her natural horsemanship techniques for handling and managing them.

Maggie works with young people who are on the autism spectrum and is finding that learners are able to increase their self esteem and self confidence when they spend time out of doors with the horses in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Maggie specialises in working with young people who are on the autism spectrum, those who are non-verbal as well as young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.


Maggie is able to offer qualifications for learners at Entry 3 and Level 1 through EAQ’s external accreditation with OCNLR.

“He’s built such a close relationship and bond with Maggie and the fact that he will go on his own in the field with Maggie, that is a massive achievement and something that he’s never been able to do before.” Katherine Wilson, Animal Therapy Coordinator, Doucecroft School, a special school for children on the autism spectrum.

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